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Thousands of submit and why very few verified ?

edited August 2013 in Need Help
Today I've submit to 33102 and only get 57 verified why ?



  • Please check your emails are working in ser.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    need more information on the project, eg what types of links, how long is verified time set to, etc.

     If it's just BC for example then it might be normal...  ;)

  • edited August 2013
    My emails on my projects are ok and not blacklisted.
    It's T1 projects for get links on Articles, Microblog, social bookmark, social network, web 2.0 and Wiki
    Verify 7200 minutes and reverify links

    I've 170 private proxies working

    @spunko2010 what's BC ?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I'm having same issue for a few months and still trying to find cause! I think it could be because I use a number of macros and they might conflict. Let me know what you find!
  • I don't use macros.
    I skip with more than 150 outgoing links
    So I don't understand why I can submit so much and only few verified ?

    It's since I've exchange my list but I now import from my own scrap.

  • You are verifying every 7200 minutes? with this settings it takes 5 days before SER goes into verification mode and therefore you are seeing no verified links.
  • Yes I verify every 7200 minutes and since more than 10 days I've very few verified links
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Are you using country / PR / custom filters? Remove them.

    Lower verify time to 2000 or something, see if it it helps.

  • I had no country / PR filters.
    Just removed skip site with the following word appear and in URL/domains.
    but still verified very low : 27.016 submitted and only 49 verified
  • goonergooner
    Change to verify automatically for 24 hours and see what happens - Then you can eliminate the verify time as a problem.
  • I put 2000 and no even 1440 minutes for custom time.
    Result very low for a day 30.000 submit and only 49 verified
  • You need to analyse now the problematic engines. Seems you're posting to engines that accepts good numbers of submissions but low number of verified links.

    I get shit submission rate of around 13K-15K daily and 20K sometimes if I'm lucky (with an average LPM of 11-13) but I still manage to reap about 2.5K+ verified links from those daily.

    I took a lot of time a month back to check worst performing vs good performing engines. I also keep on experimenting search engines. I currently have 175+ search engines as well so even if my proxies die on Google, other engines will help.
  • as @ron suggest for T1 + some engines I had, now I post to : Article, Microblog, social network,social bookmark, Web2.0 and Wiki and 60 verified with 50.000 submit / day. It's very low verified
    I've 200 private proxies from buyproxies

    What do you suggest engines to post for T1 ?

  • I've 36 T1 projects, each projects has a masterspin different for bio, forum comment ... in French.

    Please look at my settings for get more verified :
    9300 submit and only 42 validate :
    Settings :
    Email settings :

    what can I do for get more verified links ?
  • edited September 2013
    Custom Verify too high. 1440 minutes=24 hours

    Try "Automatically" for a few hours and you will see improvement.
  • I got this problem too, 30k submit and only 100 verified urls. What wrong? anyone can help me!
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