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Yahoo and Hotmail dont work

I have 400 Hotmail Accounts tested, all not work with SER. I have test some Yahoo accounts, all dont work. works fine.
when i sign in manually hotmail or yahoo the email accounts work, but ser e-mail verification Test accounts failed. last test with hotmail accounts on SER was last week and the hotmail accounts work fine at this time.
I have proxies from buyproxies and these settings:


  • goonergooner
    I just tried some hotmails, still working for me. So at least you know it's not hotmail itself that is causing the problem.

    I noticed before that if SER is running projects, sometimes email checking fails on a few accounts but if all projects are stopped it works better and all accounts are passed. You could maybe try pausing all projects and test again.

    Sorry i can't be more helpful.

  • SvenSven
    Press "Find settings" to make sure you really have the right thing on it.
  • @sven "Find settings" for hotmail Port 995 Use SSL not working. I use for the next time some .
  • If I hit 'verify all', my hotmail accounts will work maybe 20% of the time.
    OP - If you keep hitting the 'verify all' button over and over, do they work every once in a while, or never?

  • @user_name i have stop SER and verified the eMails with the Test function in every Project. All Hotmail and yahoo accounts are failed. This is new. It works over 1 week with this accounts and verified man thousend links.
  • edited August 2013
    What version is this?

    Just loaded 3 hotmails on 1 project and it success when i tested it.

    Maybe go ask for help from admins or from well known people like 100 LPM Club to open your Machine and let them try to fix the things you miss(if you have).
  • @lrichard2112 V6.48, i have ask sven for help
  • hotmail is shit for pop3 now days after using couple of days getting locked and deleted use yahoo pop3 emails way better

  • edited August 2013
    Did you triple check if the password is wrong? or there is a space after the email and password? or the Email itself is working?

    If so, something is really2 wrong.

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