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Project Stopped. DAFAK.

alright so i have been using this tool like 1 month ago and it worked fine with the same proxy provider..
anyways, now when i use gsa it runs for like 5 minutes then it randomly says project stopped..

i have captcha breaker and indexer also.

It says captcha input failed...
all this crap, then it just randomly says
Project stopped!

Not sure what the problem is =/
i need to use this asap
please help ty!

also my proxies show as not working after the project stopped.. but i retest the proxies and they turn green again. so... yeha...


  • also when i run the program is says.
    "Your Ip Might Be Blocked On: Technorati"

  • SvenSven
    You have probably the option enabled to stop projects on no active proxies + you have proxy options enabled to auto disable proxies. Configure that differently and the projects would not stop "randomly".
  • yeah i had that checked, unchecked it, butt. i still get the problem.

    now it says

    "Download Failed"


    And then says
    "Project stopped"

  • SvenSven

    First thing that comes to my how you write and say things. Noone will help you with that tone you have.

    Second, if you get all your proxies disabled before and now a "download failed", wouldn't it be a good idea to check if your proxies really work? It doesn't look like that.

  • I'm getting this too and i have the "stop projects on no active proxies" yet i'm not seeing anything wrong with my proxies.
     is this a bug?

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