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GSA SER doesn't ask user to fill ReCaptcha

I enabled "Finally ask user if..." in global options and "Ask all services/user to fill captchas" in project options but gsa ser doesn't send me recaptchas to fill... it sends me all other types of captchas but not recaptcha. WHY? 

I work with Captcha Sniper 
"Skip hard to solved captchas" option is un-checked


  • SvenSven
    I guess because CS is replying with some bogus/wrong answer. In that case it takes that as a valid answer.
  • ok, so is there any way to solve that?

    can you add an option "Send recaptchas only to user / external services (like DBC)" or sth similar?
  • SvenSven
    Well that can be done with Captcha Breaker. Let Mikey know and I am sure he copies that feature as well like all the rest.
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