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Advance Question OF Expert Users - About article posting

Lets say I have 200 spin article with images and  multiple hyperlinks in them. Now my question is how i can guide GSA to take article 1 by 1 from particular folder and use it once only.

is it possible with GSA? if so kindly guide me...


  • I think you can use the macro spinfolderdelete to do that.  You'd have to check in the macro guide as I don't use that one
  • SvenSven
    %spinfolderdelete% is the macro you need.
  • Hello everyone out there, I have also an another query on this topic and i wanna know that how can i insert an image between article and blog posting with the help of GSA. I am showing you a image screenshot in order to get good answer. Your answers will be valuable for me. Thanks 


  • SvenSven
    Thats the option to insert random images into the article. You can do the same for blog comments if you use the macro %random_image% yourself in the blog comment content.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) If you use %random_image% is there any way it resizes to a set size? Maybe like 400x300 so it looks decent in the article?
    2) If platforms don't accept images does SER just strip it out and not post an image? 
  • SvenSven

    1) No, the images are coming from content_search.dat settings. Maybe you can set something there for youseflf (e.g. google image search with size filter).

    2) Yes

  • There's a handy little image scraping addon for scrapebox called 'image grabber' that also lets you choose the image size to scrape for, not sure if SER has the option to create a custom image file to use with a %macro%, or if not just spin the HTML with the image urls straight into the article instead.
  • SvenSven
    hmm wait, I can set it to max-width in <img tag...will do that to limit it to e.g. 400 in with
  • Thanks for everyone's answer here, but i am still little bit confused about although i found this option but not able to use it. provide me some more hints!
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