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How To Make Captcha Sniper and Mega Ocr run Together On GSA SER ?


I want to ask is anyone in here can run captcha sniper and mega ocr together on GSA SER in same time ?, i get port 80 conflict problem when i started this two software in the same time


  • SvenSven
    Should be possible if you change the port in MegaOCR setup. Use something different than 80 there because CS needs 80 to "work".
  • Thanks @sven, can you tell me what port is mega ocr is working beside port 80 ?
  • SvenSven
    MegaOCR is just simulating other captcha services just like Captcha Breaker or CS. So as long as the remote program can see what port is used for it it will work. GSA SER ready the config from MegaOCR and will work on any port, other programs may most likely not.
  • @sven i try to change port to 8080 and try direct connection option on gsa ser, i get error message "doesn't seem to work" on gsa but i find that the captcha decoded on megaocr, i find this problem also when i close captcha sniper and use normal 80 port on mega ocr
  • SvenSven
    do you see the decoded captcha in megaocr after the message in GSA SER or at the same time?
  • at the same time
  • SvenSven
    can you message me your account in pm to have a look myself? I don't see why it should not work.
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  • Hey guys, 

    The domain is now being managed by new developers that have a new, high accuracy OCR. 

    Please navigate to their website ( or ( so you can try the service, they're giving out testing credits. 

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