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Few problems I am facing from long time.

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First of all, thank you sven for making SER. I am making lots of cool relevant backlinks for my tiers. It has already made me the amount I spent on it. Totally worth it. I have made lots of high PR relevant backlinks with relevant images and videos in one click.

I tried to read few threads that can optimize my SER but I cannot solve few problems so i have created this thread.

Here are my VPS spects:



1Gbps port speed (previously less because i switched to other VPS provider)

3.4GHz processor

First problem: 

I am having a problem that my submitted links in the campaign are increasing, but there is not the same increment in overall counter.
Please compare these stats to get the idea of what I am trying to say, I took them at the interval of 4 hours.
Earlier screenshots:
After 6 hours:

You can see that the campaign had about 230 links submitted after I posted earlier screenshots.. while it only shows 56 links increment in overall counter. I did not stop, closed SER or changed any settings in between the two screenshots. I was only running one campaign at that moment.
Having this problem from quite a long time now. I recently changed my VPS, installed SER and imported all the backups yet having the same problem.
I am having a low LPM but that is obvious because overall counter is not at all increasing at the same rate. 
Another thing I noticed is, in my campaign, the submitted links are decreasing without any increase in verified links. 

I mean:
If at one point, i have 4000 submittions and 1000 verified, 
After some time:  3500 submissions and 1000 verified.

Here are the settings of that campaign:


Second Problem: 

I have tried to restrict SER to 300 submissions per day for a project. But it keeps posting links to it even after 300 submissions per day. I have adjusted the settings properly (atleast I think so). 

Here are my settings if that helps: 




Third Problem:

I cannot utilize 90% of my CPU usage. Or even 50% of CPU.
I am running SER at 50 threads, but most of the time it only runs at 20 threads or less. CPU usage never exceeds 30-40%.

I have tried to optimize my VPS settings using one of the threads mentioned here, but still no improvement. 
I am using public proxies, can that be the problem for this? (because they are problem for everything i guess).

Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope to get a solution to this ASAP.


  • SvenSven

    first problem: The counter at the bottom counts only for the current day, the other next to the project counts from the start of the creation. The submitted counter is decreasing when

    a) a link is verified (than it moves to verified)

    b) no link is found for a long time and it is just removed.

    So see the "submitted" number as a counter of to-verify-urls.

    second problem: You need to watch the log closely for this. Not every successful submission includes your URL (e.g. account creation only). That kind of submissions are not counted as they will not result in any backlink. Move your mouse over that option to get a hint or read the FAQ on this forum.

  • @Sven: thank you for a prompt reply.

    But as you can see I took the screenshot on the same day, in an interval of 4 hours.
    And the counter at the bottom is not increasing despite the increase in submitted links for campaign.
  • SvenSven
    Account creations are not counted by the one at the bottom but are counted next to the project one.
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