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Has anyone been using the platform successfully for submitting documents. I have not used document submitting before for link building, and I am wondering if any one uses it effectively and what they do?



  • Yes I have.

    You have to make a pdf document from a text file and then, what I did, place a url in the pdf document. 
    If I'm correct the search engines can read pdf's and their links within.


  • OK thanks.

    So just any text file, provided it is unique?
  • Well the way I do it is to create a article witch is spun and then convert it into a pdf. After that I create some links in it with adobe acrobat. I would go for the same uniqueness as you do for your web2.0's. Just to be safe  :)

    Oh, and make sure that your pdf is not in spintax format. Because GSA is going to upload the pdf once.

    Hope that helps you....
  • okey dokey - thanks a bunch :-)
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