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capture DBC solved answers and save to use in SDK

it would be great if CB can save relaible captcha solutions separately and automatically for SDK. by reliable i mean captchas solved by external services like deathbycaptcha.
when senuke sends a captcha and CB decides to solve it using DBC, save those separately.
and going further, when senuke send a capcha directly to DBC (after 5 failed CB attempts acording to my senuke settings) cppture that too SOLLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF SAVING THE ANSWER. not to try to solve.(unless the user want to emulate DBC and try to solve. [emulate DBC even if the user don't want CB to solve the captcha with CB. solve by sending to DBC. capturing just to save the answer for SDK]

if you can implimante this in a practicle manner at least for the users how choose to participate, you can have a HUGE RELIABLE captcha answers collection dayly. The key here is just to save reliable external captcha service answers separately. and get them uploaded to you(with user permission of cause), Automatically. encrypt if you want. i get that it's not useful if they get mixed up with junk results.

important points.

1. save DBC solutions separately. captcher each DBC solution automatically(and not try to solve. send to dbc anyway and save the answer)
2. make the collection and uploading(to you) completely automated and encrypted. so you'll not get junk results sent to you.
3.add options for users to participate or not. i'm sure most IMers are not paranoid about letting captchas sent to you automatically. specially when it helps to increased captcha solution rates.

this way you could get all the answer from capcha services sent to you daily. every paid(and paid only) solved captcha answer of participating users is yours to analyze.

as i repeatedly said, saving DBC solved capthas separately is the single most important thing here.


  • SvenSven
    But what should I do with all the captchas? I don't see the point. Of course unknown captchas might help and some more samples for low success rate captchas might also help to improve it, but in the end it's a lot waste of traffic. Keep in mind that each captcha is different and you will most likely not see the same image again, so saving the answer to it and a hash e.g. to the image in a database is useless.
  • oh, never mind then.
    i just thought bigger the data set, better the results. like in neural networks. (may be for training OCR engine)
    i guess that doesn't apply here much.
  • SvenSven
    Well thats partly right, a bigger set of correct captchas is always helpful. NNN's or OCR training data can be improved with that but right now I see not much use in it as I got a good sample size to almost any captcha type worth improving and playing with.
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