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URLs Failed Reverification / Importing Verified URLs

It seems sometime over the weekend my VPS had some proxy problems, and because of this 80% of the verified URLs have failed verification and been removed from the project. Now when I went through the list it seems like the majority of them do still exist so I wanted to import them back into the verified list, however when I do it adds another 'http://' to the start of the URL and they then fail verification. I have removed the 'http://' from the list and re-imported but can it detect this for future use?


  • SvenSven
    Yes it has been fixed already for upcoming version.
  • Nice one. Another thought, it would be useful if we could have the option to verify those URLs on the 'failed re-verification' list and then if they do verify they can be moved back across to the verified list with all the timestamps etc. intact still.

    Its just with this I have reverified by exporting the failed list, importing it and running verification - but because of the export/import its lost the date info so I am not sure when it was originally created
  • SvenSven
    Sorry thats not possible right now due to the missing data of e.g. what URL to verify.
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