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Anyone getting Rank drops??


From saturday im getting my ranks drops progressively. I checked ranking Saturday and some keywords went to 2nd page... yesterday i checked and now i have more kw in 2nd page... today the same, more kw in second page. Using Rank Tracker I had a visibility of 93% today is 86%. That's a lot of loss of traffic.

I said is progressively because i'm checking ranking 2 times per day and every time i check keywords are going down. This project has 75 KW. and I was using purely GSA to rank.

I did my link check and comparing from two months ago I have more Indexed Backlinks as Before. The anchor Kept the same percentage around 7%. So I don't know if this is an update or a Google Dance... If its a dance is different as the ones i experimented before.

Any thoughts?


  • goonergooner
    In my experience "dance" is not usually such a subtle drop. It usually is a drop of hundreds of places or out of all the rankings altogether and then back up higher than before.

    I think it's natural rankings variation, sites don't usually go up and up and up, sometimes they go down a little too, at least for me.

    I would also recommend you don't check rankings so often. Once a week is good for me. Just have your SEO plan and stick and review rankings on a week-by-week basis. For changes to the SEO plan i review on month by month basis, unless something catastrophic happens with the rankings.

    If after a couple of weeks or so the rankings are still low, i would add more quality links on tier 1.

  • I have observed some sites have rank drop  and most of them not affect
  • In my case i have 3 sites and just one the older one is the one that is experimenting this.
  • You need to monitor your links. Sounds like your experiencing link loss.
  • Not at all....

    I've checked my links and comparing one of my keywords since July through today. I have more links and also more indexed links.

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited August 2013
    But is the rate of link building (and staying) slowing down? EG did you have 10 links generated per day in July and only 2 today that are sticking?
  • Link velocity does matter. If you blast too hard you get a temp sandbox or as what people call the slingshot effect. I started to let my links drip index now.
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