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is low lpm advantageous for me in terms of velocity?

I have been running on less than one lpm usually like 0.4. From what ppl say on here about having hundreds of lpms im guessing this is bad.

Now I have no intention of using proxies cos i have little money at the mo and in terms of not building links too quickly i thought that low lpm is kind of advantageous in this respect.

Also will increasing lpm if i could increase likelihood of getting banned using no proxies? cos i cant afford any extra monthly fees atm- ie private proxies, if publics would be ok i could scrape some with scrapebox. but wanna know if its worth it.



  • If you plan / need to slowly add links to a younger site, then low lpm might be OK.
    if budget tight for private/semi-private proxies
    try to configure your OWN set of high quality public proxies.

    I did so at the beginning, by searching the public proxy sites manually and where possible selected only anonymous high speed public proxy URLs.
    Finally I had a selection of more than 300 public proxies that lasted long enough for useful beginner's work and scraping. Retesting public proxies every 40 minutes has proven to be ideal for me with limited bandwidth to always maintain at lest 100+ proxies before next proxy test.

    Now I use of course semi-private proxies and the result is much better - but still small compared to those using VPS. Usually - depending on the configuration I run and the  status I select as well as the various filtering options that might slow down submissions - I get an lpm of min 1 to max 7
    usually with 22-33 threads - max at 55-77 threads.
  • goonergooner
    edited August 2013
    If you have access to public proxies, you might want to use Scrapebox or GScraper to scrape the sites as public proxies work well for these software, then import the lists into SER and let it identify and sort them and then select projects to use "identified" and "verified" lists to post too.

    Someone else suggested this to me (even though i have private proxies) and the results have been amazing. Almost 200,000 submission so far today at 4.30pm server time, from 200 threads.

    To answer your question, it's likely you will need to increase the link velocity in future to get the rankings you want. So you will need to get private/semi-private proxies or try the method above and post using public proxies.
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    Thansk for comments.

    gooner, what sort of velocity do you suggest (im only trying for low comp like 1400-5k traffic long tails). tier 1 using the high quality thing of pr3+ i have about 50 over 3 weeks, on the lower ones its about 600 and 1400 respectively for pr1+ and pr? on t2 and 3.

    So far i havent been able to get a single front page rnaking for more than a few days since this new fucking may update. i seem perpetually stuck on page two or outright penalized.

    Im wodnering what kind fo numbers it takes to see rankings.

    i also have xrumer but it seems kind of neutralized now since i keep getting pennalized any time i use it. i think its cos they are all the same kind of links (forusm) so mayeb velocity isnt the problem there. but im only speculating on that.

    i have indexing sorted just gotta watch my penalties when building new sites and waiting to see results.
  • goonergooner
    @peterparker - I usually go for 300 - 1500 links per month depending on how old the site is and what it takes to get rankings, increasing the links month by month and i tend to add more quality links on tier 1 if the results are not good... Rather than go over 1500 per month.

    But i honestly don't believe anyone can predict what it will take to rank any site, not with all the recent updates anyway. Google is really unpredictable right now.

    In your situation i would defo go for higher quality links on T1. That has pushed a few of my sites from page 2 to page 1... I think a handful of PR3+ links would probably do it.

  • cheers for info.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @gooner - what type of SER links do you point to your moneysite and do you have any filters on those?
  • goonergooner
    @alexr - Just contextual links to money site, i.e. article, social network... Wiki sometimes yes sometimes no, just experimenting with that now.

    The only filters i use are bad words. I don't bother with high PR only since it's domain PR and those links won't be on the homepage so really makes no difference + i get high PR links elsewhere.

    But i'm still new to SER so maybe other people will know better than me.
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