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Category selection bug?

edited August 2013 in Bugs

In Data Settings, I set a few category masks like so and hit the OK button in the Category Creator::


I choose a category in the drop down and hit the ok button (say Pigs) 

I then click the Edit button to go back into the campaign. The category chosen is not the same category I selected (Pigs). It always goes to the first item in the drop down (Dogs).

I then click the Test button multiple times to see what Category is being used. It chooses a random category.

A combobox means select one item in a list. I suppose this was really meant to be a Treeview control instead thereby showing hierarchy and list? Thus meaning "this is a list and the entire list is used". Confusing to me and not very clear of whats going on from a UI perspective.

Maybe tooltip should say "Your categories to be used to match against a website's category list. Listed order is important.".


  • SvenSven
    Actually this is not a bug, that combo box shows all categories defined. Whatever you select there does not matter really. The program tries to uses the best category (first one should be the best matching) on a submission.
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