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What do you guys think of having a GSA SE Wiki? There is so much information in the forums that its hard to weed out the important information that really matters..

For example, suppose I wanted to know what "Collect keywords from target sites" does. Or "Use collected keywords to find new target sites". There's no explanation of this stuff anywhere other than in the forums. There really should be documentation for it and people shouldn't have to hunt for this stuff and read through tons of threads and posts. This can cut down on support questions and help newbies get the answers faster. As it is, I find myself googling it and then reading through too many posts, wasting time when a brief summary with concise insight would do.

A user contributed Wiki would make life easier. The Wiki structure would be tied closely to the functions of the software (i.e. the main menu). Other categories can be added as well like improving performance and such.

Also, with every new release of GSA, the manual isn't being updated and it is very scarce in information.

Sven, can you please create a Wiki


  • SvenSven
    Yes thought about it myself already, but I wonder who would update that than? Sure I can do the basics but I have hardly any time right now to code.
  • I would look at it this way...

    You will cut down on the number of forum posts every day by offering good quality documentation in the form of a Wiki. The community can help contribute to its contents and consolidate information to be practical, and useful. We would ask that you review it to make sure it is accurate.

    Cutting down the forum posts would decrease the time necessary for you to read and resolve them on a daily basis. If it saves you one hour a day, that quickly adds up allowing you to fix more bugs and implement more features. So in the long run, everyone benefits.

    In regards to updating, leave that to the community. Just regularly remind members to help contribute to the Wiki manual and I'm sure people will step in to help. The way I see it Sven, you do a commendable job updating the software and improving it everyday. I would rather have new features and more search engine integration.

    I foresee two phases:

    1) Define table of contents and create Wiki content stubs

    2) Slowly fill in content as time allows

    When new/existing features are added/modified, a few things need to take place:

    1) You communicate the changes in the release text file along with as much detail about the feature/change as possible. You could possible even do this yourself - its just a Wiki entry change and nothing more than a copy/paste into the appropriate Wiki section.

    2) A new screen shot (if necessary) is created. It is critical that this stays in synch with the existing feature set, else the manual becomes stale.

    My suggestion is to use DokuWiki. Its a PHP Wiki software solution that is simple to setup and use. You can install and setup in the following folder format:






    I would start off with just GSA and then add other products as time permits. But for now, there is just too much repeated forum posts of the same questions and answers to go through. Its becoming difficult to find things and sort through per subject. By keeping it in all one place with accurate information, we don't have to spend too much time reading all this information over and over.

    Assign a few editors (higher permission accounts) to the Wiki to build out the structure and maintain the wiki on a daily basis. Everyone else gets an account with less priviledges.


  • SvenSven
    Thanks, I will try to set something up this week.
  • Your welcome Sven. I look forward to implementing this.

  • SvenSven

    OK set something up. Anyone who feels like working on it let me know:

  • SvenSven
    @KayKay feel free to sign can correct my bad English at least ;)
  • hehe signed up there but my english isn't the best anymore too ;)
  • SvenSven
    No problem, can't be worse than mine ;)
  • edited August 2013

    I'm registered and going to create the main menu hierarchy. Structure in the beginning is important.

    Projects screen
    New project
    Edit project
      Where to submit
      Project settings
        Email verification
    Delete project
    Program options
    Start program

  • edited August 2013

    Sven, I need higher editor rights to create the main pages (i.e. projects screen, new project, edit project, etc).

    Update: Never mind. I see I got rights to do that. But you may want to create different level of privledges to avoid having everyone creating new pages (i.e. only have you and I the ability to create new pages; everyone else has to play within the framework of the established tree hierarchy). This will avoid having spammers coming in creating spam pages.


  • Sven, please limit user write access to this page for obvious reasons (spam). Read access to all but writeable change access to you and I only:

  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the hard work. Im still studying that docuwiki syntax and will limit access once I see its getting abused.
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