How To Embed A Video Into Web 2.0, Social Network, Article Engines

I could not find any request for this via search. If I want to add a YouTube video into my article to post I tried with just the embed code from YouTube but all that did after checking was add that URL info NOT the video itself.

What macro or what do I need to do to add my personal youtube videos into articles for posting.


  • SvenSven
    You have to use the iframe tag. For a related random video use %random_video%.
  • Ok so if I wanted a randon video then %random_video% will go to YouTube and pull a video based on my keywords?

    Ok what if I want to use my own video from YouTube? When I look at the embed code it has <iframe> is that what you are talking about? I did that as I pasted the embed code into an article but when I looked at a verified link it just had the embed code sitting in the article instead of the actual video.
  • I embed my video also in these articles but not all website support it, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
  • SvenSven
    %random_video% doeas exactly that. And @Bruut is right, not all sites support iframe of course.
  • thank you guys I understand
  • I'd echo what the others have said.

    Not sure if you are doing it already, but when spinning the video code into the article always check 'use the old embed code' (in youtube) - it tends to work better, as more sites accept it.

  • Thanx for the tip
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