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Learning and solving all?

Hello guys,

I own CB since a few hours and two questions come up:

1. I recall that CB is learning (one of my favorit reasons why I bought it) but when I helped CB manualy by solving captchas I realized that CB does not learn anything. The same captcha came from different sites - the first one I solved and then it appeared 2 times more at different sites. Did I miss something by configuration?

2. I would like to use CB for solving all - also for recaptchas even the quote is low. Well how to convince CB to do this? I enabled all captcha types but still recaptcha is no option. For a while I would like to help CB solving recaptchas in order to rise the quote for recaptcha solving - is this possible or only a dream? ;-)


  • SvenSven
    You can teach CB to solve unknown captchas or improve its captcha solving as it has a SDK in it. But it does not learn on it's own. ReCaptcha is actually not very easy to solve. Maybe one day you have it in CB but than you will quickly see how big G. rolls out another update that renders it useless. You better use SpammVilla for it right now.
  • SpammVilla? Do you have any url for it?
  • SvenSven
    Have a look here.
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