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How do I determine the success rate of my captcha solutions in SER

I currently have Captcha breaker -> Mega OCR -> Death by Captcha (pr2+)

How do I determine the actual success rate of these tools? I really want to know if Mega OCR is solving enough to be worth $20 a month.



  • SvenSven

    To be honest each time I tried MegaOCR it was not working. I don't know if they block me or whatever, but each time the captcha results comes back as "unable to solve".

    I really thing that CB + Spamvilla is the best combination and than some of your captcha service.

  • Could you answer about how to figure out the actual solve rate of the tools?

  • SvenSven
    How can I? If you can't see that in MegaOCR e.g. than ask them to add it. For SpamVilla you have a forum thread here where things like success rate are discussed (should be about 70% by now).
  • None of these services can actually report the success rate, only SER can report the number of captchas which were sent to a service, and actually worked. All of the services/programs just tell you home many they think they solved, but these numbers are way off if you look at what's going by. If I can't infer it from the C: portion of the bar at the bottom, then I request a feature that tells you. In the captcha setup page, have it tell you the actual success rate of each solution.
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