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Search online for URLs - showing NO data during processing

since may be last update(?)
> options > tools > search online for URLs
after selections made
the small pop-up with the
- Identified
- unknown
- overall progress bar
- actual progress bar

shows NO data in the top 2 lines = Identified and unknown

same footprints checked in firefox give plenty of results

may be that is a newly created bug ?

I did a reboot of laptop and restart of SER
checked with multiple different footprints
and checked same footprints with browser w and w/o proxies
result always same


  • Working fine for me, maybe it's a specific search engine that is causing the problem. Try them out singularly and see if the problem still happens.
  • multiple SE same result - incl Y and G
  • goonergooner
    Did you let it run for a while? I tested it now and it worked but it took a minute or 2 before showing any results.
  • SvenSven
    Keep in mind that the search engines are mainly used for projects and if they use a search engine, the search-task can not or has to wait till the set time between search queries is over.
  • I use this feature many times before
    and YES I let it run for a while
    it changes footprint and SE
    without showing results in the pop-up window while a manual verification of exactly same footprint in browser showed that there are a large number or results
  • Got it working
    NO idea how or why it works now
    as mentioned above - I did reboot, close SER and reopen again before.
    after a few hrs waiting,
    I closed SER one more times, reopened and it ran as usual.

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