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Need help with threads , LPM and question about dedicated server for GSA SER

Just a curious question for anyone that knows. I am having low thread issues on my dedicated server running gsa. I have the threads set to 200 and still its only putting out 9-15 MAX. I have over 200 private proxies I use with it but I am not seeing an improve in results with the threads or LPM is averaging around 9. I even switch to 100 threads to see if it would increase and it did not. Also, if you have a dedicated server for GSA search engine ranker, do you really need private proxies for it? and if so do you use them for all or just submission?



  • How many projects do you have running? Im guessing there's probably not enough projects.

    I was exactly the same but now i have a good amount of projects i tick along at 320 threads and 70 LMP easily. 

    (i havent tinkered with engines etc)

    Hope it helps if not im back off to my little hole.
  • I have about the same. Is there a good amount of maximum projects that GSA will run stable while still having good LPM and maintaining the thread speed? When do you have to start implementing the scheduler into GSA for it to run stable?
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