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Improve service captcha


Would like 2 features request in Captcha Breaker :

1/ Multiple list of external solving service as in Search Engine Ranker

Right now we can only setup 1 Captcha external solving service and work great with spamvilla.
However the new feature in GSA Search Engine Ranker should be also in Captcha Breaker.

The problem is maybe to assign certain captcha to one service, maybe as now right click assign to service 1, service 2 etc .. and it will add several arrow ?
Or for simple way, just do as it's done in Search Engine Ranker

2/ Custom usage of Captcha Breaker in Search Engine Ranker

In case we can put many paid catpcha service as #1 request, there will be another problem in term of cost.
Maybe we want all captcha solved for some project but for some it's too costly.

An option will be in Search Engine Ranker for don't use external solving service in Captcha breaker.
So we can control if some project just use Captcha Breaker or use also external service.
If we want add MegaOCR/Spamvilla it's always possible to add them in Search Engine Ranker

There is other way to do it but need more coding than this easy way to do it.



  • SvenSven

    1. might get added once

    2. Is that a request for SER? If so, than you can already control it in project options to e.g. only use captcha service 1 or 2 or all or none. For CB it is impossible as when a captcha comes in, it does not know for what project you us it for.

  • edited August 2013
    How does use only service 1 or 2 work if you have more than 2 services in SER?  Does it just ignore any after 2?

  • SvenSven
    Yes, it just takes 1st or 2nd than and not the rest.
  • Ok, well then my next question is can we have it be a feature that we can check which services to use including any after 2?  Hehe.
  • there is no parameter except the image when you send captcha to captcha breaker ?

    Regarding SER, we choose use 4rd service even if it's disable ?
    I would like to be able to use paid service only for serengines or WEB2.0

    The best ofr SER will be to have profile but maybe difficult for basic user to understand it.

  • SvenSven

    >there is no parameter except the image when you send captcha to captcha breaker ?

    image, engine, url ... but thats it.

    Anyway right now I don't see the urgent point of having it more complicated in setup. 1st or 2nd should be suitable for most customers.

  • well at least could you add 3rd ?
  • SvenSven
    Oh well I add it to the todo list but it has really low priority for me right now.
  • no problem, the more important part is the captcha breaker, SER is bonus :)

    thanks Sven for your fast answer and great tools
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