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A project of mine has run out of targets (was using a custom target list) and has been running since 12h now. I checked it 12h ago and in the inbox of the email used for this project, there have been 708 email not downloaded by GSA yet.

That being said, after 12h, there are 720 and only 3 emails have been checked by GSA (as the deleted order was empty when I checked yesterday). Some of those emails contain user information and confirmation links, so they're required to get checked.

My question now is: How long is GSA going to wait until confirming these emails and pulling them? Would you recommend to 'force' GSA to confirm those? If so, how can this be done by hand?

Please note I'm not talking about link verification, just about emails in this case. Settings are set to 'automatically' in the project for verification. although I'm not sure this setting is for e-mail verification as well.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


  • SvenSven
    Turn the status of the project to Verify (email only). This will check all emails on it.
  • Will this do it instantly or step by step ?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    it will check all emails where accounts are waiting to be verified.
  • Sven I'm a little bit stuck.

    I finished another project and used 'verify email only' as status after the target list has finished. Still it seems like GSA it not working properly (in this case specifically the Drupal platform), because on Drupal, some sites send you a login link to change your PW but in the log, it says 1 url found (0 verify, 0 login) for

    This is the case for ALL drupal emails. The example I'm using here was approved by admin (the account) so it's ready to post, but seems like GSA can't find the details for it form the mail.
  • SvenSven
    As long as you see something like 0 verify, 0 login it just means that the correct email was found and (obviously) no important link was found but the login data was sent and read/extracted and it should than later continue to submit (after you switch it to Active only).
  • edited August 2013
    I have manually checked the email I was referring to, as in Drupal platform, the acount was confirmed by the admin and there was a link to login and set your password for the site it showed 0 verify,0 login for.

    This is for almost all drupal blog sites in my case, as I have over 4k submissions pending saying waiting for admin approval if I check the submitted sites of the project of which a lot are waiting in the email.

    I've switched the project to active again and it doesn't seem to take those links, meaning the submitted number doesn't changed after couple of hours being active.
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