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CB not working on Win XP, BMD


i want to buy CB but not after i test it for BMD

on computer 1 (Win7) i have
- GSA website submit - tested CB for 5 days works ok, 1 month or so ago

on computer 2 (WinXP SP2) i have
- BMD and GSA website submit - i only use BMD on this computer

I installed CB demo on computer 2, says demo version ok (on computer 1 demo version is expired a long time ago, not the same IP, different computers). But it's dead, it doesnt reacts to BMD and, more strangely, to GSA website submit

Test captcha works. hosts file is modified.

Its like its not running as a web service at all


  • local user is the only user on the computer, the only administrator
  • SvenSven
    So you can not access our website over it? If thats the case, you better stop blocking it if you want it to work ? ;)
  • edited August 2013
    im not blocking anything

    i have a GSA Website Sub for 4 years :D, do the math how many $

    CB loads and does nothing, while BMD or GSA website submit runs

    at least on 1st computer i saw CB working ok with GSA website submit runs

    so, do you have any real solution for CB not receiving any captcha requests on WIn XP sp2 ? Manual test works, returns ok string for a test captcha but CB doesnt notice BMD is running (BMD is requesting captchas to deathbycaptcha ok, when it should send request to CB and CB should solve or resend requests to deathbycaptcha when fails)

    also, CB doesnt notice GSA website submit running , same thing. On a computer with Win7 it works ok.
  • SvenSven
    try to start the programs who should use CB as admin. Did you change anything on the IP/Port for the webserver? Maybe post a screenshot of CB settings and BMD.
  • edited August 2013
    got some movement when i put BMD to use only imagetyperz, than CB started to receive some requests. Will see tomorrow

    but is still weird why GSA Website + CB works on Win7 system and doesnt works on XP system, same settings out of the box for both

    CB settings are the default ones i think : 80

    you should check if deathbycaptcha didnt change their api stuff and something is bypassing what CB puts in hosts fils
  • SvenSven
    Im sure they didn't change it. All I can imagine is that they send it directly to there IP and not using the in that case there is no way how I can tell BMD that the dbc host is .
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