How to Move Everything to VPS

What's the best way to move my projects, proxy settings and all to a new vps?  I don't see any export projects.   Do I use backup and then import when I move it?


  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    You have to backup your projects and your options, then install SER on new VPS and import them.

    I read somewhere that you need to back up all GSA SER files in program files and also app data/roaming - Not sure if that was necessary but i did it anyway.

    Also, two things i forgot to do - If you use folders with either keywords or images in them for use in SER, you will need to move those folders over to the new server too and change the paths in the projects where necessary.

    You will also need to go to options, advanced and change the paths to the site lists (verified, submitted etc).

    I forgot to do that too!

    If you are changing from one VPS to another VPS the paths should be the same so only necessary if you are changing from home computer to VPS.
  • Appreciate it, thanks a lot!! Ya I'm moving from home to vps
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    you're welcome.
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