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Will GSA slow down or stop?

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Will GSA ever slow down in doing backlinks or even stop?

If so, what would be the reason - I'm assuming there are only three reasons (based on my understanding of how GSA works and I may be wrong):
1) It's exhausted searching for all your keywords
2) It's exhausted all your competitor's sites' backlinks (if you ask it to search competitor's backlinks)
3) It's exhausted the global sites (if you ask it to use the global sites)

Will the first two actually happen?

If so, if anytime GSA slows down or stops for a project, would the solution be just to add lots of keywords (or search engines) [assuming the services and the criteria (e.g. PR) we give for backlinks are not hindering GSA's finding of backlinks]



  • SvenSven

    Thats correct. But for some engines you will always get new sites as e.g. forums are build every day and so you have new sites to link to. Same for blogs to post comments or images. Of course some engines will deliver less new results like some bookmarking platforms (scuttle e.g. as usually people now use pligg).

    Keywords are used for not many platforms (basically just blog platforms). If you use that, it makes sense to add new keywords, else not really.

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