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Confused about URL/KW & Content

Hello GSA community,

I'm a new GSA search engine ranker customer. I've been going through the videos and forum a bit for the last 2 days, but so far i'm a bit confused about the following:

During the campaign setup, I'm asked for URL(s) and Keyword(s) in the data field. Now for content generation, I will let the software pull articles for the article body, title etc. etc. using .txt files generated by kontent machine.

My question now is the following: as I export the articles from kontent machine, they include the <a href> tags for links already. Will entering the URLs I want to build links to in the URL field and the KWs in the keyword field collide with the html tags in the exported articles?

In the end, I'm not really confident about GSA inserting the backlinks automatically into content or not. Given I use an article without any html links in it, will GSA replace the keyword automatically with a hyperlink? If so, given word spin is used, doesn't this cause trouble at spun versions where the keyword is not appearing as defined in the URL tab (for instance longtails)?

Any help is highly appreciated. I've used the search function but am still a bit confused, so hopefully some more experienced GSA users could guide me the right way :)


  • SvenSven

    Yes, you should exchange this by %link%. I thought that was done by Kontent Machine automatically? Anyway you can also make sure that each of your anchor texts are appearing somewhere in the article. The program will than make sure to create a text from that spun content that includes it and place a link on it.

  • Thanks for the super fast response Sven!

    Where am I supposed to use %link% ? When I click on export in Kontent Machine and select GSA search engine ranker (premade) as the export option, under 'Change GSA Settings' I'm able to select

    a) Replace all URLs with %url%
    b) Replace all keywords with %anchor_text%

    After checking both, I see that where the previous URLs (in spintax) or Keywords (in spintax) have been, KM replaced it so it looks like <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>.

    So far, I think this looks about correct (please kindly correct me in case I'm mistaken).

    Given this is about right, what are you referring to by 'exchange this by %link%' ?
  • SvenSven
    Yes thats also correct. %link% is internally handled as <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>
  • Oh ok, thanks a lot for clarification. Makes perfectly sense!

    One last question regarding the import feature using GSA formatted output. Given I export 10 .txt files all in GSA format, when hitting tools => auto fill => use KM => import. Is it possible to multi select all those 10 generated output files so GSA automatically uses a random description out of the 10 outputs, a random article out of the 10... you get the idea.

    Or do I have to do this manually for fields I want to put content from files of by right clicking on the field and selecting use contents from a random file?
  • SvenSven

    If you select more than one file it will import them all and put them in one big spin syntax like...


  • When I enter the URLs I wanted to send 50% of the links to root and 50% to the deep pages. I noticed that there is no 'weight' option for the URLs, so I added 5x the root and 5 different deeppages. As I've selected 'random URL' for the submission, GSA mixes the root with one deep page (using 2 contextual links).

    Is there a possibility to set a certain % of the links built to a specific URL that's entered under URLs ?
  • SvenSven
    You got an option to use the root URL for some variations, though no % box. I have just added this for next version.
  • edited August 2013
    Sweet looking forward to it :) I guess the URL field isn't supporting spintax for the URL is it ? Cause if so, you could use URL1|URL1|URL2|URL3 for instance.

    Beside that, is there a possibility to let GSA build an amount of links for platform XXXX while building XXX links to platform B in the same project or would you have to monitor it and adjust by hand ?
  • SvenSven

    You can use spintax in URLs as well.

    But there is no option to control engine submission that detailed.

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