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Because of spam complaints, I just spent a full hour this morning going through ALL of my projects and adding words to the fields:

skip sites with the following words

skip sites with the following words in url/domain

I just checked my email and got another complaint so now I have to go through every one of my projects again and add a new set of words - so another hour or two wasted for the day.

Is there anyway you can add GLOBAL "skip sites with words" and "skip sites with words in domain" fields.  - with maybe a check box in the project options so you have an option to use these in every project -only if you want to do so.

I cant ignore email spam complaints so I have to take each one seriously which means everything stops until I can go through all of my projects to insure SER will not post again on a complainers site.This has turned into something I absoulutely hate doing because I waste so much time doing it.

It seems like this would be so easy to program and save a user like me a great deal of daily maintenace.

I need my mornings back and I'm sure many would agree this option would make life much easier for those with a lot of projects.



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    you cant do "email spam" with GSA SER which is the only kind of spam which is prohibited from what i know. so let them complain.

    just for my information: to what email-adresses are the complaints going? to the ones u register with? I dont really understand whats happening on your end.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    You can select all projects->right click->modify->import->word filter->..

    I will add same for URL filter on next release.

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    Thanks Sven. The URL filter is the one I use the most so that will be awesome. @startrip sorry for the confusion, I was referring to people sending me an email complaining that I'm spamming their site ( not email spam). People just click on my SER created link, go to my site, and that is where they get my email contact info. They usually tell me to stop or they will report me to google, etc. I put their domain name in the filter and everything is good. If I wait too long some of these complainers will take revenge by posting bad things about my company etc on business forums (not good).
  • @Sven - That is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and work.
  • @Mike ah youre doing that for local biz... ok then :)
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