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GSA 6.44 poor scraping results

I have been running this campaign for a couple of days and while my LPM isn't great in any way (between 0.5 and 2) I don't really care cause my comp is running in the background 24/7.

However after updating to v6.44 today I immediately noticed something wasn't working as it should.

It seems the scraper cant find any targets, my log is filled with all these 000/000
As I said everything was working OK before, but after this 6.44 update my LPM is 0.00, occasionally it happens to finds some targets and my LPM raises to 0.04 or something.

I have never seen GSA getting such poor results, so it must be something wrong with this update and the changes of how it scrapes.

I noticed in changelog it says: "improved search engine handling and search for target urls".

Search engines I use:

Off course I would love to use Google, but these days it just doesn't work. My 10 private proxies is banned from Google in like 10 min.


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    I'm also starting to see proxy might be blocked on....
    Again, this never happened before v6.44 (except for Google of course, which I abounded some weeks ago, tried everything there, but my proxies just gets banned. I'm using

    I haven't touched my settings for anything in GSA over the last couple of days.
  • same thing happen to me too
  • @Gurkan
    did you contact support
    several weeks ago I had one such set and immediately (within minutes) gave me a clean set of new proxies

    I use 30 semi-private from and in past week or so never had a single proxy kicked even temporarily

    my settings are:
    waiting time 8 secs
    currently 66 threads
    I use private proxies only for searching (scraping)
    PR is done with public proxies
    all else directly = w/o proxies

    SER 6.44 zero problem
  • I never had any problems with LPM since the new update, although I did get the same problems with private proxies being dead.
  • Just wanted to let @Sven know that today my campaign is running as it should again :) I don't know if there was some temporary errors with my proxies or if the v6.45 version fixed it.

    @hans51 I have contacted buyproxies before when I had some problems with my proxies, but this time I think it was not the problem as it occured just after I updated to 6.44

    But it doesn't matter any longer, everything is working ok again!
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