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On-site 'readable' spun content - ideas

Hi guys

I have a few sites and want to run a few tests on 1 of them to see how it affects my on-page SEO. I have a site with about 2000 sub-pages and obviously cannot write content for all of them manually. I am considering using an automates process. It doesn't matter if they aren't 100% perfect but need to be fairly readable. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try? I was thinking of specifically stealing articles from other sites then running them through synonym-list to replace words directly or something.


  • SvenSven

    I will not suggest you stealing anything but if you know php you can use...

    1. in Project URL a RSS Feel

    2. in other fields something like #file[]

    Didn't test this but should work fine.

  • Have you tried using something like Kontent Machine?

    Maybe sign up for the trial, play around with the settings until you get the output you want, then hammer it to get loads of articles for future projects as well?

    Or, if you want decent content, maybe buy a couple of 500 word articles from somewhere like text broker and manually spin them till they produce a decent number of variations. Should be able to get around 1000  (70%+ unique) articles from one 500 word seed (if you spin in some images and videos as well), but it will probably take a few hours per seed article?

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited August 2013
    @2take2 I don't mind writing the content myself, but I really don't want to just run it through a spinner and get junk. I'd rather just find a way to automate synonym replacement, for example {like|love|really like|prefer} , I have ACW but don't think this is possible if I want to author it myself. Although I see a Local Articles bit so maybe

    I only need about 200-300 words per page for say 200 pages, all 100% unique. I guess I can manually spin them too, but then I need some way to "output" it as text without brackets/paranthesis.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited August 2013
    You could just scrape the articles and paste them into something like 'The Best Spinner' (as many as you can at once without it crashing) and use the 'replace everyone's favorites' function.

    I could imagine this would be a total ball ache though, and if it were me I'd just use one of the options that I previously mentioned instead, as the replace synonyms feature probably won't get you 100% unique article anyway.

    Edit: Just tested it, and replacing 'everyones favourites' (with 5 variations) with TBS got me 10 perfectly readable 300 word articles but only at about 40-50% uniqueness.

    Just as a side note, is there any reason that they need to be 100% unique ? I manually spin all my content to 70% + uniqueness and it gets indexed every time (as well as making perfect sense).
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited August 2013
    Hi @2take2. I have a copy of TBS actually. So with your 40-50% uniqueness test, did you just use scraped content and then use the 'everyones favourites' feature on it? I'm not really sure on how to get it all sorted without the {} parts.

    It doesn't need to be 100% unique, but I've got other scraped content on ym site already thats 0% unique so don't want Google to penalise.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited August 2013
    I copied an article from wikipedia, pasted it into tbs, hit ctrl +A, and used the 'replace everyone's favorites' tab at the top, with the number set to 5 and the quality set to 'better'.

    Once you've done that, just above the article in spintax you will see a tab that says 'spun article', this will show you a spun version of it in plain text (or HTML if you prefer). To see another spun version hit 'new spin' (bottom left below the spun article), and so on...

    To check uniqueness, go to the 'publish' tab (at the very top) and hit 'generate and compare', alter the number in the box to the amount of articles you want to compare and hit 'generate'. It will now compare all articles against each other and show you the uniqueness in a chart.

    If you're happy with the uniqueness hit 'generate articles' (top left) and choose your preferred format. It will now create a zip file with your articles ready for use.

    You should also checkout this spinning tutorial by Matthew Woodward for more tips.

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Thanks, brilliant, will try that.
  • 2Take2 i don't have TBS but i have wordai regular and spinrewriter 3.0 as well as kontentmachine.
    but i don't know how to create or spin article which is unique 70 to 80 % and redable.

    I am trying kontent machine with spinrewriter and wordai but still don't know which setting is best.
    if you can tell me then it would be very helpful.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited August 2013
    @spunko2010 You're welcome mate, no worries.  Personally I don't think that the TBS auto replace method is the best way to achieve what you're looking to do, but if you are going to go that route then try to make sure that you keep everything above at least 65% so that it has more chance of getting indexed, otherwise you might as well have not bothered.

    @baba You can get something sort of readable with Kontent Machine, but If you want a high quantity of perfectly readable articles at that kind of uniqueness, then AFAIK you will proabably need to spin them manually on the sentence and word/phrase level. 

    With Kontent Machine I normally use the paragraph spin with randomisation set to about 8 or 9 and the article output set to between 6 and 10, although to be honest I haven't really played around with it that much. - The output is sort of readable, until you get a few sentences in.

    I have also heard good things about content foundry, but have yet to try it.
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    @spunko2010  I use SpinChimp Rewriter Pro - has loads of spinning features and the lifetime price isn't too bad.
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