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spamvilla connection test in SER missing to verify server-connection OK

using since few days spamvilla as second captcha service after CB and before antigate,
it appears the TEST button in SER has no partner to test against.

any test says "sorry but the provider does not have a API to check for balance"
sure there is no balance = its a flat rate service like

still there might be a NEED to see if spamvilla server is connected - just as for

a working TEST from within SER that says at least something like "connection OK" or so

may be that is a missing feature on spamvilla server side to offer a connection response
it is a missing feature in SER


  • SvenSven
    next version will send a test image to see if it gets a reply.
  • Sven Pretty fast work you rocks bro
  • @Spamvilla
    a check on my paypal account showed that payments to you are NOT recurrent (= hence a ONE times payment only)

    may  be you check your billing settings to make sure we have a smooth transition without downtime month after month.
  • hans51 recurring payment many times also depend on Paypal call back system too
    our many clients running with us having recurring payments profiles on check out u can do it very easily
  • thanks Kelvin
    will check PP again to make sure its recurrent
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