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SER fully running even if disconnected from www

I mentioned this bug before - but in a non-bug thread
cause of bug
being offline for whatever reason = power OFF, no wifi, ISP down, etc and SER running as if online and creating nothing but "download failed"

I just came back from late breakfast and found (AGAIN) SER stopped
reason = ISP down
SER stopped because of the scheduled proxy test and since all proxies failed, SER finally stopped

until that moment however SER was running MAX speed (MUCH faster than when online) and had thousands of "download failed"

means lots of carefully collected sites are now in the failed folder = wasted resources since I actually have to pay for all data download / scraping because mostly I use 3G broadband and pay by MB.

I MOST seriously consider SER running while offline a REAL and serious BUG that causes waste / loss of time and $

since all other apps I can think of like firefox and others recognize a missing or interrupted www connection instantly or within just a few seconds, I belief it surely must be possible to do something similar in SER as well = stop when disconnected from www specially since we enjoy the fine product of highly ski8lled creative coders!

either by checking/controlling network interfaces
by sending a ping every x seconds and stop when pong missing 3 times or time out or whatever.

For me that is a situation that sometimes occurs multiple times daily. I can imagine that all those SER users/customers in NON-EU and NON-US countries may face similar situation every now and then.
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