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sven, this should be your next product!

So GSA already have:

* a program that creates backlinks (GSA SER)
* a program that solves captchas (GSA CB)

Suggestion for your next project - GSA Search Bot!

What this does:

* goes to and types your keyword
* searches for your kw up to page 500 (or whatever the max is) on google before giving up
* once found, it clicks the link and stays on that page for xx seconds
* then it clicks another link on your site and stays there for another xx seconds (to reduce bounce rate)
* can click up xx more links depending on your settings
* can add different user agents, operating systems, web browsers, devices (like ipad or mobile etc.) to mimic "different legit users"
* supports proxies or HMA VPN (HMA is better so you have "unlimited" IPs instead of just a few if you use proxies)
* changes proxies or IPs automatically after every visit
* clears cookies automatically
* etc.

You get the idea.

Now we'll have a 1-2 combo - one that builds backlinks (GSA SER) and one that "organically" visits your site (new product)! Win-win!


  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited August 2013
    @username that is bizarre! I've spent the last few days looking at other traffic bots and thinking about how to go about spec'ing up something similar to this :D

    I was thinking about it from the pov of trying to add more value to the links we place using SER.

    My thinking is that Google (and the others) are going to use link clicks as a measure of how real/spammy the link is, because if it's followed by "real" users then it most be of value, where as if it just sits there with no visits / click throughs it can't be as important.

    My only problem with what you've got here is how real is it for a user to visit up to 500 results pages before they click through to visit a page? 

    Plus for it to found, you'd have to get that page indexed, which is also getting harder (although less of a problem on multi-tiered campaigns).

    And for Google to be able to track it, you would need the bot to be logged into multiple (100s) of Google accts...

    I still think this is something we need to pursue - Perhaps some of the others have got ideas about how we could get around some of the problems...

  • SvenSven

    The problem with such a tool would be to use IE with it (or any other browser). The reason is javascript. I just can't code it to simulate it. And when using e.g. IE you can of course change the User Agent, but everything else (e.g. what device) is not changeable. Google will soon see it's fake and you risk a lot with such thing. Even if I get it done to pass everything to G. as being valid, they can easily change things and it's detected as fake again.

    You should not risk your rankings on this. I don't think a tool like this will make it.

  • Been there, done that .... There are a lot of techs involved in it and we use lots of tricks to get around their system :D  and don't even hope to use public or private proxies, it won't simply work. These are easily detected by google. 

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