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For Everyone Who Is Still Having Problems With Indexing After May 2013

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I've been having problems with indexing since May 2013, and it had nothing to do with the quality of backlinks. I was pushing manual content, as well as hardcore spamming with GSA SER (everything as unique as possible, using WAC, CM etc) and nothing worked as well as before that May 2013 mark. I tried every possible indexing service, including Indexification, Link Centaur, Nuclear Link Indexer, Index Emperor etc etc.... I also tried the hardcore Last tier comment spam, as this used to work before. I was really getting mediocre results at best.

People told me that the problem was the content, when in reality, it was not. Nothing was any different than before. I spent a fortune on various indexing services, and all that I could get was a crawl.

One week ago I found a guy on BHW who is selling an indexing service for a price. I did decide to give it a go, because nothing else seemed to work. I sent him an email with 40 test links that I couldn't get indexed in 2 months of Tiering with GSA. He literally sent me a report 2-3 hours later with 75% of links indexed. 3 days later, 95% of them are indexed. Up to this day, my indexing rate is simply incredible. Everything I send to those guys gets indexed so fast, it's incredible.

Now, I know that some people don't like to give their SEO secrets and services out, and I was thinking of keeping this one for myself, but since my life has basically changed dramatically since using GSA SER (can you believe that I actually even got the multimedia engineering scholarship on the best private college in my country simply for showing them my SEO results, and GSA SER is definitely the core of the success), I decided to share this one out.

Keep in mind that that there are some drawbacks to the service. First of all, they are quite expensive. For $20/month you can index 100 links per day, for $40/m you can index 200 per day, $80/m 400 per day, $160/m for 1000 links/day. You can send all of your links at once, so you don't have to wait to submit that many every day. This means that if you pay for 1000/day you can send 30000 links immediately. 

The second problem I have is that they don't have any API, and the interface is not that pretty. You actually have to save the links into a .txt file and submit the txt file. No pasting from clipboard. Maybe @Sven can contact the guy to release the API. To be fair, you can drip feed the links over 7 days (I highly suggest you do that).

The third thing that bothers me is that you have to get your account approved manually, so it can take up to one day to get everything set up. I got everything set up in 6-7 hours max.

I really don't want to make sales pitches here, because I respect this forum the most, and I simply suggest the tools that I use here (same thing like the Web2Rule thingy at Ron's thread) in hopes that they could help someone out.

So, the service is called Ultimate Indexer, and you can get it at Don't bother searching for discounts on forums, because there are none. There is a sales thread @ BHW, so you can check the reviews here:

You can contact him at and send him your 100 links. He will index them for free. I just find it unbelievable that someone is guaranteeing a 90% indexing rate at this period of time.

I really hope no one will take this as a sales pitch. I'm just sharing something that's working for me and I'm extremely happy about it. I'm not a creator, nor an affiliate, just like with Web2Rule. After all you've got nothing to lose, because you can test this guy with 100 links for free. You'll even get a report :D.

Tell me if it worked for you, because it's working incredibly for me now. One more thing to keep in mind is that I still haven't sent anything except contextual links, so I'll have to test with those, but the guys @ BHW seem to be very happy with those links too.


  • SvenSven
    They don't seem to have a api at all. The contact button doesn't work for me as well. If someone can ask them and get me the api, fine, I can add it, else skip it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @jurky3fo - thanks for the share. Any ideas on how they get such a high index rate? Private web2.0 network that they push out to?
  • @AlexR I have no clue whatsoever. It says on their homepage that they're doing the same stuff that everyone else is doing, but I doubt it. 
  • jurky3fo - thank you for the share.  Based on your previous share of both information, your results (congrats on the scholarship, btw!) and the W2 system (which I am now using), I will definitely be checking these guys out.  I'll let you know how it goes when I have some results to report. 
  • ronron

    It would be very interesting to directly compare this service to Nuclear Link Indexer. They are almost exactly the same price, and NLI has been the best service to index links the past few years. Because of the price I would only consider it on T1, and maybe T2 (no junk tiers).

    I like competition. Thanks @jurky3fo.

  • @ron Yeah, tbh I've tried NLI and in the past few months it hasn't been working for me so well. You can try it with your free 100 links :D
  • I emailed about the service this morning and still haven't got a response.
  • It's an interesting topic I like to investigate a little more
    I use so far indexification and never took the time to actually verify the results
    but since a few days I have for example a good article on a PR9 site, even added a few manual bookmarks, tweets, etc
    same to another PR9 site (both are .edu)

    and until now that page still is NOT indexed by G
    hence time to look around for better results

    I just had a look at the Nuclear Link Indexer
    since you are user there, a question about their pricing:
    they have a price for xxxx URLs = xy $ monthly
    is that URL number daily URLs or monthly URLs??

  • I have tried it and it´s awesome, that´s all I have to say.
  • I just don't understand why it's taking so long for a response.
  • @Peisithanatos So, it's also working for you? I'm so glad to hear that :D
    @jiggsaw I don't know whats wrong. My biggest complaint is that the UI is terrible, and there are very few options available except drip feeding. But as far as indexing goes, this thing just obliterates competition, at least for me :D.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited September 2013
    They appear to have disbaled signups now as well, at least I cannot create an account. Edit: nevermind turns out they didnt like the characters in the form.

    Is there a way to just add 6k links to GSA SEI ? I've signed up for UI. However I also don't have a clue to get a list of un-indexed URLs. Is it possible from , say, Google Webmaster tools? Forgive my amateurishness.
  • @spunko2010 They will send you the csv file after they process all the links with the link status. So you just sort it in excel by column B and pick up all the link that state "NO" in the "Indexed?" column. That's the easiest way to pick up links that they weren't able to index.
  • Got it, thanks
  • Still can't login, says the account is disabled/waiting approval :-S
  • hm, Idk, try to contact him - It took them a while to create my account as well. Basically, everything around the service is bad (UI, support etc), but the stuff gets indexed :D.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited September 2013
    Sent the file, wil report back.

  • Very interested to see how this might work.

    @jurky3fo @spunko2010 what's the process? We send them all links first and they'll check which ones are not indexed first? And if yes, we'd have to sort unindexed links and give them back again or they'd do themselves?

    Thank you.
  • No, you just send them the links you want indexed. Obviously it's pointless sending them indexed links...
  • Does anyone know if there is any harm in taking the pages of your OWN site that aren't indexed and then submit them to Indexification or UltimateIndexer or somewhere? Or is this too risky?
  • Did you try getting them indexed by posting them on a Google+ profile first?
  • @jurky3fo do you mean posting potentially a few hundred links to a G+ profile?
  • I tried it with a bad profile with no followers, but it didn't do a thing to index anything. However, if you have a good profile (followers, activity) etc, it indexes everything. I wouldn't risk it blasting a few hundred links there :D. But he was asking about his own site I think. 
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited September 2013
    I was indeed asking about my own site. To update, I have however figured it out - Google penalised the site, after checking the stats it appears they have indexed 10% of the links, then (due to some bad SEO choices) I had a major spike in traffic and then immediately they slammed the brakes on the site and won't index it at all.  Only 10% of links indexed, they hate my site :D
    I have tried nearly every method, Google just won't index this site correctly. So it's a slap I guess - I have indexed 3 other sites with no problems, since.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @spunko - when you say 10% indexed, are those the backlinks pointing at your moneysite or the actual site pages? 
  • I switched to ExpressIndexer, it's much better, and the response time is much much better.
  • @jurky3fo are you saying you stopped using the service mentioned in the first post?
  • Yes, that's right. Basically, a whole new generation of indexers has come out, so you can pretty much choose any of them, they're all very good. It's the price that makes the difference now.
  • Do you guys see any rank rise from the indexed links using these new indexers? So far I can't see any difference between these and letting the links index naturally.
  • Yes, @claus10, I have. I only used GSA SEO Indexer, then bought Incredible Indexer and submitted links from one project (to test), few days later I saw great increases in ranking. Tried it on a few more projects and not much change...but these are the projects where the on-page SEO isn't as good as the 1st project....which makes total sense.

    I'm all for a good indexing service, one that's affordable but actually does something. If I notice that it stops I'll move onto the next service. 
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