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GSA Indexer Queue

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The GSA Indexer software is somewhat strange to figure out in terms of its queue. You can add url's or multiple url's to it and it'll sequentally run through them, but while it's running you can't add or modify anything to its current queue. You have to actually stop the queue in order to add your own URL's, and there's no indication as to whether or not it will continue from where it left off after clicking start again or if that queue is lost forever.

It would be nice if you could manage/modify its queue separately from its running process.

Or I'm totally lost and just don't get it ... ?


  • No comment? Sven? Anybody?
  • SvenSven
    The upcoming version will use the already build in queue so you can see whats done and where it is on that list.
  • Great! And we will be able to add/remove from that list?
  • SvenSven

    yes, but only if you stop the processing. By the way that new version is already online.

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    Nice - thanks!

    Something strange happening though - it seems to stop all by itself? I've switched it back on twice now, but I keep randomly finding it has stopped all on its own despite it having a full list of URLs to still do. I think that when urls are added to the queue it toggles the indexer to stop/start...?
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    Also, perhaps it's a good idea to remove the completed URL's from the list rather than leaving them there and unchecked, or better yet, store the url's completed to a file? I'm just worred that the list is gonna get huge over time if it doesn't remove completed items, although I would love having them stored somewhere in a file so I can go and check them out...
  • SvenSven

    @Ruggero, thats what the "Create report" button is for.

    But why is it stopping for you? I tested it here without any problems. Are you using the latest version?

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    Dunno man - I just checked again. I have the URL list open and about 70% of the list is checked. I clicked that start button, it ran for a link url and stopped again.

    I was running version 1.37, but now I see there's a new version out, so I'm upgrading it now and will let you know if the trouble persists.

    Another thing. The URL list which still requires processing gets lost if the application is closed for whatever reason. Can you prevent this from happening please? It's pretty frustrating to try and figure out which urls have and have not been processed (especially ones that are brought in directly from GSA SER). Like now, because of the upgrade I lost about 150 links that were queued to be indexed.

    Thanks for all your help so far.
  • SvenSven
    Latest version will now always save the queue (before just when the list was still processing).
  • hi - i not buy indexer yet...

    i try index a long url - it is possible now? (maybe trial version cant...)

    (is possible to make short url from ? (from long url's) bitly,...)

  • SvenSven
    If your question "Does it index deep link URLs?", than yes it does.
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    some discount for SER u SER :P ?


  • is possible that GSA Indexer know which links are deep or index to every sites blind? 
  • SvenSven
    @zaza, I don't get your question really.
  • can i set up "my links are truly deep link ( )" - my link are in most case are "deep" if i use Your (Sir) indexing soft i saw:  index ping,

    is possible to chose "my link are true deep links" button ? ;) ?


  • offtopic

    is Your soft use Internet Explorer engine?

  • SvenSven

    @zaza still don't get it but all I can say all our software can handle deep links. And no it is not using any other program in the background and never will use IE as so many other programs. This would only get your PC infected with viruses/trojans and you will not get this with our software.

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