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edited August 2013 in Need Help
Hi folks and sorry for my english,

I need a little advice from you. I seted in GSA campaigns for some of my websites. For each site i have 2 campaigns. One for home page and one for inner pages(posts). In each campaigns i have T1,T2+Indexer for each. Each T1 from each campaigns have the same engines >> Articles+web20+social networks. All campaigns start in the same day.

The problem is:

Why for homepage campaign the verified links are, for all my websites, bigger than posts campaign ??. Let say for home page campaign  T1 have 150 verified, and for posts campaign T1 have 40 links.

In posts campaign the setings are the same, + build links /url, only that i added all my site post urls.

Regards and thank you.

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    are you using different emails for each campaing?


  • Can be an issue with deeplinking, but thats the targets fault, you cant change that. Untick "verifieds must have exact URL" for one day and see if it makes a difference.
  • yes
    i will try this.

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