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Email Spider does not parse entire keyword list. Skips to end, requires restarting to fix.

I purchased the latest version of GSA Email Spider a couple of days ago and am having some issues getting it to process my entire keyword list.

The list is around 10,000 lines and looks a bit like the following:

Car dealers in London
Car dealers in Scotland
Car dealers in Manchester

The software  begins working through the list with no problems. However at some point (normally around the 50-60 mark) it just appears to give up and  zooms all the way to the end of the list without performing any searches.

At first I thought it might have been the search engines returning blank pages, but even if I change the search engine and re-start the list from the beginning again it just immediately zooms all the way through the keyword lists right to the end.

The only fix is to close the software, re-open it and it works fine again.

This to me definitely sounds like a bug, so I'd really appreciate some help as it is preventing me from automating my scraping.


  • I should also mention that it also randomly gets 'stuck' parsing a website.

    The thread count will go down to 1, the URL queue to 0 and it will just sit there doing nothing.
  • SvenSven
    provide the project backup for further debuging please.
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