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how big is your website ?

Hi all ! Guys spill the bins , how big is website should be this days to rank ? 1 page . 10 pages . help please ! 


  • MrXMrX Germany
    edited August 2013
    There is no secret formula except the bigger the better. Where ofc you have to focus on unique and good content first of all.
    As I am working mostly for 3rd party clients and therefore my impact on their pages size is quite small, here are some example figures:
    1)   79 pages in google index
    2)     9 pages in google index
    3) 843 pages in google index
    4)   23 pages in google index

    If you want help on deciding how big it should be, start with a few big articles and keep it growing month to month until the death does you part
  • Am thinking start with 1 main and 5 secondary . but also wonderibg if this would work with one pager . But very very good sales page .
  • I guess will have to test ig my self anyway *-:)
  • Very interesting in this as well, especially as I buy my articles and content.

  • goonergooner
    You can rank any size site, most of my sites are 1 - 2 pages + contact, privacy, about etc.

  • But Gooner, don't you think it's easier to rank bigger sites? In terms of content and indexed URL's.
  • goonergooner
    @supermanden - Yes i agree it's definitely easier to rank bigger sites, but it's also a bigger risk too... If the site gets penalised then it's a big loss of profits.

    If you have lots of smaller sites and one goes down, no big deal really.

    Also, i find you make more profit with say 10 smaller sites rather than one bigger site. That's a big generalization but in most cases i think it's true.
  • gooner  I think you're right  ! I am taking this path . Lots of small sites , small investment  plus this method will lead you to a winner faster  . Thank you for help ! 
  • goonergooner
    @dimitribanks - You're welcome. That method works pretty good for me.
  • i'm currently ranking ~40 sites @ medium competition keywords.

    each one of them has 1 page with 800 words of unique, well written content and amazon links

    profit: 6k / month

    best regards
  • goonergooner
    edited September 2013
    wooooooh nice stats :D

    @bekkolt - Ranking with SER only? Or other links too?
  • This is really good news m8 :D
  • @bekkolt you just can´t say that and fly away, start talking =)
  • only GSA SER ;-)

    Rankings are always starting 1 Month after i build the new website.
    Back in 2012 it only took 1 week
  • edited September 2013
    bekkolt Do you use ''Ron'' 6 tier structure or 3 tier simple one  ? Why I am asking , is that I want that my ranking stay as long is possible . I don't want one month ranking and then drop to nowhere.  Some advise  on project structure  would be appreciated .  Thank you for rising my motivation level  m8 . I really like your business model and it is one of my main game plans . 
  • i don't use any tiers and let my backlinks naturally index.

    also, rankings stay for up to 4 months, but mostly 3 months.

    when you want to rank for a long time with automated tools, then i say go, but i don't think you will have much success.

    when you only invest 1 hour in one page, it's no problem that the rankings drop after some months.
  • @bekkolt are you giving SER free range to post as many links as possible or do you limit the amount it posts daily per site?
  • i only used scraped lists and then post every link in one day with keyword anchors.

    one day after, i use the same list and post links to the same sites with random anchors like "click here".

    then i move to the next site.

    that's it.
  • What sort of number are talking about with your lists?
  • What about the hosting guys , do you keep everything on one  account like hostagator ? I guess my question is how is Google look at the websites standing on the same hosting with ''toasted''  site  ?  :ar!
  • bekkolt 3-4 month is more than enough  >:) What if you rinse and repeat ? This will possibly keep them there for bit longer . Did you ever try that ? 
  • @dimitribanks I wouldn't worry about that.  There will be literally hundreds if not thousands of sites sharing the same IP address on shared hosting, so there are bound to be burnt out sites.

    That being the case, Google won't "punish" other sites that are unlucky enough to share the same IP as a penalised site.

  • Got it ! Thanks m8 !
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @bekkolt - how many links are you hammering at the site?
  • bekkolt  yes m8 do you use any drip feeding or jest blast to all your list urls ? 
  • i do all links at once ~ 5k links per site and then let them index
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