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Cannot verify due to ip blacklisted...

After using gsa verifier a few times, I am now getting many more 'unsures' with a message about my ip not being accepted and is showing up in spamhaus to most of the emails I'm trying verify. I do not spam, and never use my own ip anyway unless I am verifying. Has GSA caused this?, how can I verify any of my emails when it wont work properly?.

I have tried using a vpn, but it just says unable to connect. I have just bought 2 private proxies which again, say unable to connect. What is the solution, how do I get the verifier working?


  • SvenSven

    Very few VPNs and proxies allow email checking. I think the best solution for you might be to use Email Validation API (new option in GSA Email Verifier).

  • @chewz Sometimes the verification process isn't going to work for every single link. There's many factors involved. Like Sven said above using VPNs usually won't work for email checking, or proxies. If you use say a VPN or proxy and try and log into your Gmail for instance you will see how fast Google sends you out emails about someone may be trying to log into your account etc - it's instant. And most VPNs won't allow email checking because it's their way of fighting 'email SPAM.'

    And if you're using your own IP for verifying active links and there's several you are verifying your IP can get blacklisted. I personally NEVER use my real IP for any of the GSA SER or SEO Indexer etc processes. Get you some good proxies form 10 semi-dedicateds may make a world of difference for you and are only $10 per month.

    I've said it before, 9 times out of 10 it isn't GSA SER - it's the user not having things set up right or not following the instructions in tutorials and videos. Use good proxies, check your settings.
  • Chris, I'm using gsa email verifier NOT ser and I'm not verifying active links. Although what you say may still stand true, however in your first paragraph you agree with Sven using vpn or proxies won't work well to verify emails and then in your second paragraph you recommend me some proxies...confused.

    And Sven,

    Your saying I need to use a seperate service such as the one you linked me to. 100,000 mails verified costs $100 monthy. What exactly is the point in your own software - GSA email verifier?. I may as well just use a third party to verify all emails without the need in your software. There is no mention on your sales page about needing the use of seperate services, which are hefty costs? Am I missing something?

    If so I would like a refund. if I cannot verify emails using your GSA email verifier, then I don't see the point?. I am a fan of your software, but with the email verifier, and what you have just suggested makes no sense?

  • SvenSven

    @chewz than you got me all wrong. Some people simply need to use a service to verify emails as ther remote IP is a dynamic one or is blacklisted as in your case. What you can do is:

    1. get a VPN

    2. use that mentioned service

    3. use a proxy service that allows port 25 and has static IPs

    Keep in mind that the service in point 2 is not used for all emails. Just when the software sees no chance to verify it using your IP. So you can verify much more than 100000 emails when paying for it.

  • the Email Validation API link is down !? tried to find a service to offer an API for it but no luck... any help or maybe a new service/link !? thanks a bunch!
  • SvenSven
    Yes indeed there site is down. Sorry :(
  • What does the Email Verification API do that the program cannot?
  • SvenSven
    It tries to overcome the issue with Unsure replies you often get because of your IP being not static or banned. The request to verify the email is done over there servers.
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