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Indexer 'Multiple URLs' window -- is this expected?


I recently purchased SER, CB and Indexer. I've SER v6.42 and Indexer v1.69. I've set the SER to use Indexer. All are running, SER recognizes Indexer. However, I see "Multiple URLs" window open with Indexer -- is this expected? I have checked all and clicked START few times. I'm assuming this will Index URLs in the window, yes? I thought Indexer should work automatic -- ie; SER sends URLs and Indexer indexes. Please advise what I'm missing?

Also, What should be the Indexer settings? I cannot find any details on this.



  • SvenSven
     You don't have to do anything (click buttons) when SEO Indexer runs. Please let it do it's job without clicking in SEO Indexer. No setting changes are required there as well. In case you think it runs to slow, you can use the QUICK Indexer mode.

    Next time please post on forum OR on email, this is double work for me.
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