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Not choosing random captcha after SER update

ok so all was fine until 2 days ago - updated ser & CB, and since then I'm getting the captcha boxes pop up for manual entry. Double-checked, and all projects are set to 'ask all services' then 'choose random'. So, I try setting to 'use 1st service' and 'choose random', and I'm still getting the manual boxes pop up every few seconds, it's highly frustrating. Any ideas?

I also looked at SER > options > captcha, and note that login/pass for CB is blank - it's been so long that I can't remember if this is ok, or something has gone wrong there?

Also I'm *really* hoping that there is a mass edit function so I can set all projects to 'ask all users > choose random' - it took an age to manually go through and check/change each project + tiers to 'ask 1st service' (yes, 1st service is 100% CB) and I am dreading having to do all that again 1 by 1.

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    it's a global setting. You have to uncheck "Finally ask user if everything else fails (else the submission is skipped)"
  • ok so the update on SER ticked the box Options > Captcha > 'finally, ask the user if everything else was unsuccessful else skip submission'.

    Now unticked, now cured.

    If there is a way to mass edit all projects anyway, feel free to tell me how for future reference, or confirm that this is not possible :-)
  • ha, you beat me Sven :D thanks :) And the global edit - is there a feature for this (apply to all projects, or similar)?
  • SvenSven
    yes (right click projects->modify->edit...) though it applies all you see in the options to the project, not just the changed things.
  • ok thanks Sven, I'll have a look at that later when my pos berman account unfreezes yet again
  • ^ 2gb of RAM should let me run CB and SER with how many projects/threads without freezing issues? I've been moaning like a bitch at berman, while I'm here though I may as well just check if 2GB is actually enough to run the above (no other programs at all running, windows 8)
  • SvenSven
    thats all not related to this thread topic...please open a new one.
  • ok np, thought it'd save cluttering, will do...
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