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Linklicious, GSA indexer question .

I have signed up for their account and integrated the API . Does it mean that the verified links will be automatically send to their website ? If not , how can I do it ?  Other thing I wanted to ask , how can i check in GSA indexer what links are indexed ? 


  • SvenSven

    All verified links get sent to the indexing services (if not unchecked in project options).

    If you want to check that indexing is done, use the right mouse click on the URL in "Show verified URLs" dialog.

  • I go to verified list , the right click , then press ' show indexed urls ' . After that no urls selected of highlighted . Is that mean non of them indexed ?  
  • SvenSven
    you have to check do the index check first.
  • @Sven Sven can you tell me about this profile sort of links . I am getting a number of links without any text around it . I guess it's a profile link . I s it bad or ok , and if bad how can i prevent the software from creating them ? Thanks 
  • ok got it , stop the projects , index check and so on , thanks ! 
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