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Captcha Breaker not Solving Captchas?

So I just bought the Captcha Breaker today and set it up with SER. 
When I click Test in SER it says the communication was successful so they are linked together apparently. However, when I run my projects, none of the captchas are solved (as you can see in the picture and log that I posted below). 
Why is this?


  • SvenSven
    And your project settings are set to send captchas actually?
  • You mean like this?

    Captchas don't seem to be coming up today so I assume they are being solved but nothing is showing up in the log still so I'm not positive. And I do have the log enabled.
  • Click the box next to 'Ask user only to fill captchas', then click the blue text until it changes to 'Ask all services to fill captchas'. This should work, unless the latest update has changed things (I'm still on older version)
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