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Crashing Lately

Anyone else noticing that GSA has been crashing lately? I'm pretty sure it's not on my end with the computer or anything. I was wondering if the recent updates had anything to do with it. It first started out with pauses all the time when looking at the software or trying to make changes to a campaign. Pausing like a glitch, then it let's you in and you can see the stats rolling again, then stops again for a  20 second pause and continues this loop over and over. Now lately, I come back in the office after 12 hours and there is a notice saying the software stopped working. It basically crashed overnight a couple times now. Anyone else have this problem? I've cleaned out dup urls, proxies are good, running 8 campaigns. 250 thread.


  • If you have many projects running simultaneously you can use the scheduler to avoid crashes.
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