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Working with free website like squidoo , wordpress . weebly .

May be the question is a bit of topic . I want to try  rank some articles posted to free 2.0 platforms like wordpress , weebly . Can anyone share their experience .  Is it possible to rank those this gsa and how is the admins behaving ? What is the best way to be on the safe side with those. Thanks  


  • Yes :)

    They can rank very well but you will always risk having your site removed for any number of reasons. Some services will remove it more often than others.

    In my opinion and what I am experimenting with is to build a quality site and build links conservatively OR build a cheap site and blast it, but consider it disposable. I have heard that is a good choice because pages are not often removed and that is what I am experimenting with. For me, so far so good but it is early in my tests.
  • Thanks m8 :) Will look at webs . Sound advice.
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