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Quick Advise - My sites didnt get deindexed but they disappeard from SERPS... Whats your experience?

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Hi Guys,


Ive been using GSA SER for a month or so and I upgraded to a VPS a few days ago... I also said "Hey, why not get linklicous while Im at it"... you know... to make link building more affective.

Well... in two days I noticed two of my site completely disappeared from SERPs. For all the keywords it was ranking for. I checked and they where not delisted, so thats good. I did throttle things a little and set some limits so I wont build to many links too fast.


From your experience... how long will it take for my sites to POP back? How long did it take your sites to return?


  • Google just released an update that is causing problems with a lot of people's websites. The algorithm update was primarily target exact-match domains but many other sites have lost rankings as well.
  • Yea, you need to wait for the dust to settle before you can draw any conclusions following this update. What I would say however is continue to build high quality links in the intervening period. Google has a patent in operation which 'tests' a websites response to a drop in rankings - its looking for unusual behavior (i.e. no link velocity where it once was regular) so keep up the quality links and assess again in 3-4 weeks.
  • *sigh* I dont like SEO (-:

    Considering where my other sites are, it feels more like I pushed links a little too fast which caused google to take a closer look as to where it should rank.

    Well, thats what I hope anyway. One of my sites was on page one with no backlinks. A very low comp with EMD. Now she has disappeared.

    Ill wait, as I can do nothing else.
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    You're in the exact same boat as me man. I have an (almost) exact match domain that I purchased and launced  about a month ago. I started it on 15 link submissions a day x 3 projects with a PR3+ filter on, thus totalling 45 submissions a day. I figured that since a submission did not mean that it'd get verified and some of it wouldn't even make it through comment moderation etc, that it should not pose a problem.

    The reason why I split up the campaign is simply for ease of management since I create 1 additional project each week with a new spun article to submit to Article Directories, Web 2.0, Social Networks and Document Sharing sites (and UAW), just to keep the links fresh and flowing.

    Well, about 2 weeks ago the site started ranking for my main target keyword - great! Then it dropped about 20 positions and subsequently disappeared altogether. It's been about a week now; the site's still indexed too but I'm struggling to get her back up to speed.

    I actually have just ramped up my submissions from 15 x 3 to 30 x 4, plus I've actually submitted 2 articles to UAW as well, one submitting @ 25/day and the other @ 5/day.

    I'm actually pretty torn: Am I being too agressive for a new site, or, another chain of thought says that considering the starting link velocity, is it not "natural" to ramp up over time? On the other hand, perhaps even 15 submissions/day x 3 projects all focusing on the same keywords and URL at first is a little too fast?

    I'd love opinions about this - what do you think and what would you have done / do?
  • Also, Im curios. Where you using Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics with your site? It seems to me, if Google knows your getting very little traffic but Google sees your getting 100s of backlinks. POW right in the kisser. Im removing ALL of my sites from Google webmaster tools and Google analytics.

    Thanks for the articles... Ill read them. 
  • Those where a quick read. I wouldnt say I had low quality content. My content wasnt even spun. All original. I guess Ill have to wait it out.
  • Besides the algo updated which may be a cause, I think hitting too many backlinks may also be causing your new site to go on a dance.

    I use UAW and I've never seen anyone advocate 25/day submissions. You may want to lower that drastically to 5 or less if you're targetting your money site with UAW.
  • One more piece of info that is probably non-related but... out of all my sites these two also were adsense sites that generated income.

    Man Ive been hitting my sites hard like Ruggero. Probably too hard.  I guess lower and pray (-: 
  • Meh, i still hit sites with 2k - 10k a day bullshit links and do well off it. 5 days of top 3 for decent keyword is worth more than a year at top 20 for some crappy keyword. Longevity in SEO is overrated and unpredictable.
  • interesting, I have been running a tone of experiments. My next one is to see what it would take to get a new site deindexed. I better choose a decent keyword just in case I push that puppy to the top.

  • Ya, it's tough when there are two distinctly different philosophies when it comes to link building:

    1. "Bang it, and bang it hard - works for me" and,
    2. "Are you CRAZY?! Slow down or you'll get hurt bad!"

    Two pretty different sides of the coin...

    @ridshack - no I agree - I NEVER use Google Analytics and rarely use Webmaster Tools. I'm not sure Webmaster Tools is that risky - you don't insert code and it's more of a 1-way feed from them to you...
  • m3ownz , exactly my thinking. 
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