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[Finally] a solution for running slow...

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Last night when I went to bed, around midnight I set GSA to run, 100 threads, PR2 or better, and I woke up, and it had made 14 links, in 9 hours.  Which I think is down right crappy!
also last night before I went to bed, I went on fiverr and bought access to 5 private proxies.  I set them up in my proxy tool, and then set my threads on GSA to 50, and wrote an e-mail.  I came back 15 minutes later and all of a sudden there where 40 more links made.
So I'm thinking, the solution for running slow is to use some private proxies :)

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    You cannot expect very much succeess using public proxies, they simply die within seconds and are a complete waste of time. Investment into some decent private proxies will change your GSA SER fortunes - its really rule #1 when using any automated tools. For a small investment of $20 you can get up to 20 private proxies and they will do you for not just GSA but also other software's as well.
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    Where are you getting 20 proxies for 20 dollars? Almost ever place i have researched, the going rate is 10 private proxies for 20 dollars.

    Are you speaking of semi-private proxies?



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