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What I Experienced with Asia Virtual Solutions GSA SER Data Packs

Some of us have multiple things going on on a daily basis. We do other things as well besides sit at a computer all day and run SEO Campaigns. We have different multiple commitments, whether it be jobs, our kids, our family and so on. I'm someone like this. I do web design for local clients, deal with their calls, updating their websites, designing custom graphics, creating stop motion videos, video editing in general, dealing with my two sons - a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. Get the picture?

So when I ran across this post on the forum here about hiring someone to build your data packs, even 5 tier data packs, it sparked my interest. I thought to myself that this could save me lots of time.I have to say I was skeptical at first about the quality of the spun content and so on. I asked @royalmice about this. I didn't want spun content that read like a dog walking across a keyboard. He has a sample pack for you to download and look at, however, we all know people can always display a sample that is not what you will actually get when you buy...

He assured me the quality of the sample was the norm. I went ahead and gave it a trial run. Bought the 5 tier pack. He delivered it in a few hours at most. I followed his simple instructions on loading the tier campaign in SER via his YouTube video. In a few simple clicks it was done and the project was started. The only thing I modified was the word filter list and site url list for words sites had in them or in their titles I didn't want to post to.

As the verified links came in I copied various urls and looked at the articles/documents. I was pleased with the results. The spun content isn't going to get much better than this unless you sit down and write your own spintax article/content - which is time consuming. The links were all there and all was well done. The email's provided in the data pack were spun (I think it's spun to 40 email accounts per tier) as well. I let SER run on this tier project alone for about 5-6 hours if that. By the time I stopped it there were over 4000+ verified links from all tiers combined.

In my opinion, if you have all the tools like I do but your time is limited - or if you have the tools but haven't mastered them yet - or if you simply don't have all the tools you need yet - this service is well worth the price. The beauty of it is you can always pass off the charge to your clients if you're doing SEO work for their website. Add $60 onto your monthly SEO package and use that extra $60 to get a 5 tier data pack to run new each week for the month etc. You won't really have to do a thing but load them in SER and let them run while you tackle other projects or commitments.

Of course you need GSA Search Engine Ranker to run them. If you don't already have it and are wondering if you should buy it - get it. It's the best SEO link building tool I've ever used. Hands down. Read the reviews on it - see what everyone is saying. You'll get a real SEO tool that is highly customizable with numerous features and that is most importantly - supported by its' developer. You won't get left hanging with a tool that died and is never updated. Hell, it seems like at least every 3 days it has a new update waiting for you when you launch it.

Hope this helps.


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    OMG Chris you rock !!!!!

    Man that is one kick ass review, if i have ever seen one, and that from a paying customer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do such a detailed and positive review about my GSA Data pack service.

    I will continue to work on fine tuning the filters and settings as we go along to make it even better....

    Once again THANK YOU
  • @royalmice I meant every word of it. Your work is appreciated by me and a big time time saver. It can save others like me who lack time precious time. Either way we all make money and prosper.
  • yesterday I bought the list from this Michael guy as well..useless obsolete list, full of dead urls and crap..I asked for a refund, he said that can't refund me because is a digital product. Can you imagine this? Clickbank offers refunds for digital downloads, this smart ass, doesn't.

    I explained him that the numbers he provided for each and every engine are FALSE and that he knows it but he is a jerk. I had a 1 - yes ONE - VPM with this list of blog comments and guestbooks -  I get much better VPM if I scrap myself..definitely a SCAMMER and he knows he is selling crap. I opened a paypal dispute, I suggest you all do the same.
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