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WHat kind of anchor % you guys put at t1 - After Penguin 2.0

Question to specialists here Ozz, ron and others who rank sites past penguin 2.0 :)
What are your usual % of anchots [and how many] vs generic vs brand vs LSI that seem to work?

Im doing tests but so far nothing


  • donchinodonchino
    I guess it depends highly on the exact niche, the number of total anchors used, brand and domain details... and depending on that about 5-25% of main anchors. And I'm pretty sure others say the same that there is no right answer, you just have to test.. I suggest you start with low anchor %.. especially if it's a new domain, and increase it in time to keep it natural. I usually start with generic and url links mostly and add more anchors a bit later to be on the safe side. It also takes time to index all these links.. so you need to get them indexed and wait to be noticed
  • And how long does rankings take after penguin 2.0 with such % ? I understnad theres no 'steady' answers for the numbers but im just trying to undestand what should i expect.
  • tn x to both of u - any others who wanan chim in are welcome. how long does it take now in time with raning new domains?
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