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anyone tried ProxyRack or this just a scam?

The sales page says you'll have access to *THOUSANDS* of "private proxies" but I'm thinking these are just publicly-scraped elite proxies. They have a free trial here - - so can someone please try them out for a few hours and give us feedback? I'd do it myself but I don't have access to my GSA SER.


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    They have no pricing at all on their website.
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    ^^^That's because they used structured pricing.

    "The way our pricing works is based on the maximum simultaneous connections (threads) that you can make through our server at any given time. All of our packages include the same amount of IP addresses and unmetered bandwidth."

    I'm guessing you pay only for the amount of bandwidth/proxies you use.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I see only 3 different options, each with their own connection limit, but no pricing.

    My guess it's pretty expensive or something.
  • You can check the pricing on BlackHatWorld - $20 for 50 threads, $30 for 100 threads, $60 for 200 threads. There is a 50% coupon that you may use- BHW.
  • Yeah but how good are the proxies? Are they really near-private qualities or are these just scraped proxies?
  • Sounds like a botnet. This was posted by service provider on other forum:

    1) Where do the IPs come from?
    We are partnered with a large Adware company that allows us to use a portion of their customer base.

    2) How fast are the proxies?
    Some proxies are really fast while others are slow, this is because they are coming from different peoples computers.

    3) Will they work with my software?
    It's hard to know if they will work with everything which is why we offer a 2 day free trial so you can test whether or not it works with your program and if not you can cancel without being charged.Personally I use the IPs for ranking requests and account creation.

  • i know some users in bhw it self left reviews too slow and useless best of luck
  • I'm trying it out now and so far.. it's not all that much faster than my 20 semi-dedicated from 

    The main difference for me is.. since they say they "rotate" each query, I pretty much cranked up the connections to 10 on Google Harvester in Scrapebox and I am not worried about getting them banned. 

    Whereas, with my own 20, I would keep it at a maximum of 2 connections and it will take forever to scrape 1 M urls.

    As far as customer support... answered my email on a Sunday afternoon and upgraded me from 10 to 20 within minutes and pro-rated the fee. answered my email late on Sunday but only to say they would take a look at it soon.. that was well over 10 hours ago.  I'm deep into their support hours and zilch on a response.

    So if you you want to scrape and not give a damn... ain't bad.

    If you want customer service first, I'd go with as they are extremely responsive.

    Some people use both (Buyproxies for GSA and Proxyrack for scraping)  But damn that gets expensive.  Hope you are making some serious cash per month to afford all that hoopla.

  • They are very good for their price
    I used MicroLeaves few months ago and ProxyRack got me scrape 2x more URLs spending the same amount of money
    So I'm really enjoying them
  • this is a two year old post...
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