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Anyone Noticed a change in youtube lately?

Ive been hammering videos and never had a problem getting them ranked.
This last week I have tried 7 different videos from 2k searches up to 8k and nothing has even made it to top 100,

Ive done all the on page seo tricks.
Also they all have views/comments/likes etc
Most have had alot of Social media as well as in Shares/Tweets/Tumblr etc etc

And there all indexed but not ranking pulling my hair out anyone else had this problem with in the last week?
Weird thing is some of the smaller ones ive tried testing have videos on page one with 0 backlinks at all and mine wont even get out of the dessert lol
Tips or suggestion please thanks


  • Yup noticed the same alright even for YT vids in the SERPS it seems there is some sort of sandbox effect applied to new vids now. To me it seems the videos need to be at least 2 months old mow to gain any traction. .
  • Glad to know its not just me this been driving me crazy this week
  • Same thing going on here
  • Yep, I am having a tough time getting the vids ranked too!
  • Weird thing ive noticed is alot of my competition has videos ranked in the last 2 days with 0 backlinks

  • Same here..Getting tougher day by day 
  • yep now you got to have ALOT of social media and mostly retention views
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