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Specified title for spefied url

Hi friends,

i am planning to add more than 1 url and anchor text in SER. but problem is how to target specific "Article title" and "Website title" for specific url?

i want to target 5 inner page url of my site and all pages is different from each other.


  • MrXMrX Germany
    you can create seperate projects for each of them. Or you just use the spinfolder macro and embed your URL and anchor directly in the textfile.
  • magicmastermind thanks for reply.

    but my problem is not url and anchor. i want specific article title for specific url like..

    i have 3 url..

    racing-games.html#{racing games|play racing games}
    football-games.html#{football games|play football games}
    mario-games.html#{mario games|play mario games}

    and here is title..

    {{racing games|play racing games}|{football games|play football games}|{mario games|play mario games}}

    now i want that when SER goes to post it user specific title for specific url.
  • Sven can you help me for this issue please?
  • SvenSven
    Make 3 projects out of that, everything else is too much configuration and headache. 
  • ok thanks :)
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